Blender Foundation Launches Campaign to Open Blender Source

[ Thanks to Xabier
for this link. ]

From the Campaign pages of the Blender Foundation:

“The Blender Foundation is a Charity Fund, aimed at breathing
new life into Blender by means of publishing the source codes and
organizing services around it. The first goal is to organize a
campaign to get the initial $100k to pay for the sources, but once
that has been established a lot of exciting activities will be
organized around it. With Blender and its user community as a core,
but certainly with celebrating free access to 3D technology in
general. You can review the statutes to read the full goals and
means of the Foundation.

“During the campaign:

  • The Foundation will use the funds to continue the campaign for
    as long and as effective as possible.
  • There’s no deadline set by NaN Holding. however it might be
    possible it will happen after 3-6 months.

“After a succesful campaign:

  • the [sic] $100k one time fee will be paid to NaN
    Holding B.V. to pay for the right to open the sources.
  • the sources and web services will become available by means of
    a gratis Membership
  • sponsoring and other fund-raising activities will continue to
    cover the Foundation exploitation…”

Blender Foundation

‘Free Blender
Fund’ Campaign

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