Boosting Ubuntu’s Productivity: 20 Tips

[ Thanks to James Maguire for this link. ]

“Much like anything in life, what works for one individual might be seen as unneeded by another. Yet when it comes to making the Ubuntu Linux desktop more productive to use, there are some clear cut help tips. They lessen unneeded keystrokes, data loss, and workstation downtime.

“In this article, I’ll share twenty tips that have saved me countless hours of wasted time, while making my life with Ubuntu easier in general. Some among you may have different variations of the same ideas presented here already. Despite this possibility, I believe it’s probable that there’ll be tips included that you might not have thought of yet.

“1) Keeping your data safe – What about when we go to upgrade our Ubuntu installations? How many times do we read forum post after forum post about the person who upgraded Ubuntu to version x.xx only to find that something went wrong along the way?

“In other instances, the desktop is working fine except for some X factor that the affected user who upgraded didn’t take into account. It happens all the time.”

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