Boston Globe: Expanding the Playing Field for Linux Users

[ Thanks to Jonathan M.
for this link. ]

“Computer experts will tell you that Linux software is
unbeatable at tasks like scientific supercomputing or corporate
number-crunching. But offer to take them on in a rousing round of
Empire Earth or some other popular computer game, and watch their
faces fall.

“Linux is operating system software, code that controls a
computer’s most basic functions. Microsoft’s Windows is the
best-known operating system, and there’s also Apple’s Macintosh OS
X. But Linux is something special. Created by volunteers scattered
around the world, Linux is available free over the Internet. Yet
Linux has been polished to the point where it’s become a favorite
with corporate and academic users worldwide.

“But Linux software is so complex and unfamiliar that few casual
users will give it a try. That means there’s only a tiny market for
Linux computer games. Of course, that means game companies rarely
offer Linux versions of their top titles, which means even more
consumers avoid Linux computers, and so on…”

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