Boston Globe: Small box, big server [Product Review]

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The NetWinder OfficeServer, by the Canadian firm Rebel.com,
brings a breath of fresh air to the stuffy world of network servers
and firewalls.
Weighing just two pounds and taking up less
space than a three-ring binder, it combines innovative hardware
with great software in a package that won’t intimidate the typical
small-office computer manager.”

“NetWinder is designed to be a one-stop shop for office
networking. It comes with an e-mail server, a file server, and a
print server, all managed through an easy-to-use Web-based
interface. This combination makes the OfficeServer ideal for small
offices that have a few computers but haven’t yet put together an
office LAN. All you need to buy is a NetWinder OfficeServer for
$895, a $25 network interface card for each PC, some cables, and a
$100 multiport network hub. The OfficeServer can easily handle up
to 100 workstations…”

“Using OfficeServer’s Web-based system administration program,
you can configure the network adapters and the firewall, add user
accounts, set up the e-mail system, and even configure the printer.
The computer comes with software to support Windows, Macintosh, or
Unix-style file sharing. It has discussion forums, Internet-chat,
and even a built-in Web server. This is all standard stuff for most
Unix gurus. What’s amazing about the OfficeServer is that it comes
preconfigured with all these features.”

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