BSD Today: Voicetronix introduces FreeBSD and Linux telephony support

“Yesterday morning I released the vpb unified API for developing
telephony applications with the Voicetronix 4 port analog DSP
telephony card for both FreeBSD and GNU/Linux. This api is the
first generally available free solution for building general
purpose telephony applications under FreeBSD.”

“The Voicetronix API library is entirely user mode and includes
several useful demo applications. In addition, this API is
supported by Bayonne, the general purpose voice telephony server of
the GNU project, and Bayonne itself will become available for use
under FreeBSD very soon.”

“The VPB API and Bayonne support for FreeBSD are part of the
TOSI project (http://tosi.sourceforge.net), a up to now little
noticed effort that has been sponsored by Walnut Creek, who’s goal
includes making telephony services a standard part of FreeBSD