Building A Benchmarking Test Farm With Phoromatic

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“This article provides a first-look and guide for some
of the possibilities of Phoromatic from those looking to build a
benchmarking test farm or for individuals simply wanting to
benchmark computers across the world. We also share in this article
what may be coming next to our Linux-focused benchmarking empire.

“Phoromatic was originally mentioned during the Phoronix Test
Suite 2.0 development cycle, but the web-based service has not gone
public in beta until this morning. The Phoromatic module in the
Phoronix Test Suite 2.2 client provides a few updates to the
Phoromatic support and interested users are encouraged to use the
just-released Bardu Beta 2 or newer. This was pushed back from 2.0
Sandtorg due to strapped development resources, waiting for a few
internal pts-core API changes in 2.2 Bardu, and then awaiting
feedback from various PTS-using companies. The initial public beta
of Phoromatic at Phoromatic.com is free and available to anyone to
use. This version provides all of the core functionality needed for
automating timed, recurring tests across any number of test
systems, while many more features will be flipped on and
implemented over the coming weeks and months as we receive feedback
from its users”

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