Business Wire: SCO Vision2K Embraces Linux for the New Millennium

“SCO (Nasdaq: SCOC) today announced that SCO Vision2K software
(“SCO Vision2K”) a new release of the popular SCO suite of Windows
to UNIX system integration products, brings Linux to the list of
supported versions of the UNIX operating system. SCO Vision2K also
adds two-way file sharing, enhancing the capabilities of the UNIX
system administrator supporting Windows desktop users.

‘SCO Vision2K already supports all of the major UNIX operating
systems,’ Helen Goddard, director of marketing, SCO Client
Integration Group. ‘Now Linux administrators can save time and
money by taking advantage of the centralized management features of
SCO Vision2K to support Windows desktops.’

Ease of Administration

With SCO Vision2K, Windows desktops users no longer need to
remember to backup their important files. The system administrator
can now handle this function from a central, UNIX server. Files can
be shared with Windows desktop users from a central location, and
important new or updated files can easily be distributed to users.
SCO Vision2K now makes it even easier for system administrators to
install and manage multiple system connectivity products for large
numbers of Windows clients. The SCO SuperVision component of the
suite provides a powerful, single point of control for systems

Pricing and Availability

SCO Vision2K is available both as a suite or as individual
products. The SCO Vision2K suite starts at $434 per user. SCO
XVision Eclipse starts at $389 per user, SCO VisionFS starts at
$119 per user, and SCO TermVision starts at $239 per user. All SCO
Vision2K products run on a wide range of platforms, including Sun
SPARC Solaris and SPARC SunOS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Digital UNIX, SCO
UnixWare 7, and SCO OpenServer, and will be available at the end of
March. Linux ports of SCO Vision2K will be available during


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