BW: Aestiva First Out With Operating System for the Web

“You would think that the dominance of operating system
companies such as Microsoft and Apple Computer would leave little
room for innovative new operating systems, but Aestiva, a newcomer
to the operating system arena, has announced a new kind of
operating system — a Web operating system.”

“Aestiva’s operating system doesn’t strictly compete with
hardware operating systems such as Windows, Mac or Linux since it
actually works along side them.
But its focus on the Web makes
it the only operating system made for the World Wide Web.”

“‘All applications developed with Aestiva are Web-based,’ said
Aestiva’s director of Technology, D.M. Silverberg.”

“Development is done with HTML, the “Hypertext Markup Language”
documents which form the basis for all Web sites. This kind of
focus on the Web cannot be accomplished with conventional operating
systems since they are hardware-centric, not Web-centric.”

Press release