BW: Caldera Systems Ships Y2K Tested OpenLinux 2.3

“OpenLinux 2.3 is the latest release of Caldera Systems’
award-winning OpenLinux distribution. OpenLinux 2.3 provides remote
mass installation capabilities and is Y2K tested to operate through
the millennium changeover date and beyond.”

“We were surprised and pleased at the demand for OpenLinux 2.2,”
said Ransom Love, president and CEO of Caldera Systems, Inc. “But
even with the accolades and sell-through we weren’t satisfied, so
we asked the Open Source community, endusers, programmers,
developers, and the press to give us more feedback. They did — and
we listened. OpenLinux 2.3 isn’t just new and improved — it’s
faster, easier and can perform mass installations remotely — which
is big news for IS directors and CTO’s.
And, thanks to
contributions from partners like the Motorola Computer Group, it’s
become the `Linux for Business’ solution.”

“Motorola Computer Group is the first embedded computing
platform company to ship OpenLinux 2.3 with two of its new series
of products — the SLX Series of network appliances for Internet,
intranet and extranet networking applications, and the emS Series
for telecommunications, office and industrial networking

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