BW: Cobalt Networks Advances Web and Application Hosting with RaQ 3i Server Appliance…

“Cobalt Networks, Inc., a developer of server appliances today
introduced the RaQ 3i, Cobalt’s third-generation server appliance.
The RaQ 3i offers a full suite of Internet services with remote
administration capabilities, prepackaged in a single rack-unit
height, industry standard design. The RaQ 3i expands Cobalt’s RaQ
server appliance product line by providing a larger, more powerful
platform and broader availability of partner applications. The
array of solutions available for the RaQ 3i will make it an ideal
appliance platform for high-traffic Web portals, e-commerce, and
application hosting.
RaQ 3i customers and developers can build
on leading edge Web and Internet technologies from industry leaders
including Intershop, Oracle, OpenMarket, Miva, RSA, Sane Solutions,
CyberCash, Signio, and Real Networks.”

“The new Cobalt RaQ 3i delivers a compelling server appliance
platform for Intershop commerce products,” said Ed Callan, Vice
President of Marketing at Intershop. “Cobalt’s customers will now
have access to powerful e-commerce solutions based on Intershop’s
industry leading sell-side e-commerce solutions and the
cost-effective, easy-to-manage, and scalable RaQ 3i. The RaQ 3i
with Intershop Hosting and Merchant uniquely deliver e-commerce for
ISPs and businesses.”

“Cobalt designed the RaQ 3i with an open source design and
extensible architecture making it easy to integrate, deploy, and
support Internet and network-based applications. Cobalt server
appliances are pre-configured with the Linux operating system and
provide the core web publishing, email, and file transfer services
upon which ISPs and developers can build their solutions. The
Cobalt RaQ 3i significantly extends the range of available
applications for the Cobalt RaQ product line.”

Press Release