BW: Cobalt Networks and Coyote Point Systems Offer Integrated Solution For Load-Balanced Server Clusters

“Coyote Point Systems, a performance/price leader in the load
balancing market, and Cobalt Networks, a leader in the server
appliance market, announced an integrated solution for ISPs
deploying load balanced server clusters.”

“Offered together are Cobalt’s RaQ Internet server appliances
and Coyote Point’s Equalizer 4.0, an intelligent load balancing
appliance. The RaQ offers turn-key virtual hosting in a
rack-mountable enclosure designed for high density
. Equalizer intelligently routes traffic among
multiple server clusters, ensuring high availability and 24X7
access to mission-critical Internet applications. Equalizer
balances HTTP, email, news and FTP traffic, and supports “sticky
connections” required to handle Active Server Pages and SSL. Active
Content Verification ensures that not only server hardware but
target applications are fully operational.”

The Linux kernel at the heart of the RaQ and the BSD kernel
powering Equalizer both provide maximum stability for TCP/IP
implementations. Both products are sold preconfigured and offer
simple browser-based administration; both can handle millions of
web page requests per day; and both cost less than half of
comparable products. RaQ’s intuitive administration tools enable
ISPs to hand off site administration to customers with confidence.
Equalizer’s browser-based control panel makes it easy to add,
remove and reallocate clustered servers. Real time graphical
reporting makes it easy to see when additional servers are

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