BW: Computone Helps Create Infrastructure for Growth of Linux

“Computone announced yet another major stride in its commitment
to Linux three weeks ago when it said it would acquire Multi-User
Solutions, Ltd., of Norcross, a third party provider of service and
support specializing in SCO UNIX, Linux, Windows NT and other Open

“Multi-User, which celebrates its first anniversary as Caldera’s
inaugural Authorized Service Center this month, also handles
operational responsibilities for Caldera’s internal Help Desk and
telemarketing sales for support contracts. In addition, Multi-User
has a very strong relationship with Santa Cruz Operations (SCO),
which has some 70 percent of the UNIX marketplace on Intel(R)
platforms, and was SCO’s first ASC in North America. Solid
Infrastructure Needed for Future Growth.”

“Pickerign said the future growth of Linux in the U.S. and
abroad requires solid infrastructure. ‘The new combined
Computone/Multi-User more than meets that requirement, and should
be a catalyst for the industry it serves. Computone is a `Linux
enabler’, having first laid down the tracks with hardware by
providing the physical connection. Today, service and support
are essential for the success of Linux — or any network operating
system — and is the fuel needed to power the Linux train and bring
it to the masses.'”

Press release