BW: Connectix Corporation Ships Connectix Virtual PC With Red Hat Linux

“Connectix Corporation today announced shipment of Connectix Virtual PC with
Red Hat Linux.”

“Connectix Virtual PC gives you a hassle-free way to run Linux on your Mac.
Whether you are serious about Linux or just want to try it, you can start right
away without the hours of set up and installation worries. And, you don’t
have to reconfigure your Mac to run Linux because it is self-contained within
Virtual PC. With Virtual PC, your computer easily becomes a Mac and Linux
machine all in one.”

“Connectix’s Virtual PC product line bridges the compatibility gap between
Mac and PC environments by allowing Mac users to run PC applications, access
networks, and share files. Virtual PC is currently available in four versions:
with PC-DOS, with Windows 95 and with Windows 98, Red Hat Linux pre-installed.
The version with Windows 2000, will begin shipping end of March.”

Press release