BW: EarthLink Relies On Concord to Deliver Award-Winning Internet Services

“Concord Communications(R), Inc. (NASDAQ:CCRD), the market
leader in next-generation management solutions that ensure
effective e-business, today announced that EarthLink (NASDAQ:ELNK)
uses Concord’s SystemEDGE solution. EarthLink leverages
SystemEDGE to manage critical UNIX and Linux systems, as well as
the vital applications they host, including Web hosting and
With SystemEDGE, EarthLink maximizes system and
application availability, effectively manages Web servers and
minimizes service disruptions before they impact customers.”

“EarthLink, which recently merged with MindSpring (NASDAQ:MSPG)
to become the largest Internet service provider (ISP) in the U.S.,
manages more than 500 UNIX and Linux servers with Concord’s
SystemEDGE agents, supporting a variety of Web hosting and e-mail
applications. EarthLink uses SystemEDGE to ensure uptime for its
infrastructure that services more than three million customers
nationwide. This level of service earned the company the J.D. Power
and Associates’ highest ranking in overall customer satisfaction
among Internet Service Providers for 1999. SystemEDGE’s unmatched
ability to eliminate downtime and minimize service disruptions is
incredibly important for ISPs like EarthLink that depend on 24×7
uptime and peak performance to gain customer loyalty.”

“SystemEDGE operates as a pure SNMP agent, allowing it to
integrate seamlessly into EarthLink’s existing systems and
resources. SystemEDGE’s core capabilities include actively managing
systems, mission-critical processes, peak performance of both
commercial and custom applications and resource utilization.
SystemEDGE provides EarthLink with 24×7 real-time alarm
notification of problems and automatically restarts failed
processes–freeing up valuable IT resources and guaranteeing
optimal e-business performance.”

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