BW: EBIZ Enterprises Partners With TurboLinux For New Server Line-Up

“Available At Breakthrough Pricing Through
TheLinuxStore.com, CNET.com and Egghead.com.”

“EBIZ Enterprises Inc… announced the introduction of
‘L-Servers,’ its new line of network file servers pre-installed
with TurboLinux 6.0.”

“The L-Server line is designed with both the IT manager and
financial manager’s needs in mind: scalable, manageable, and
affordable. In spirit with the Linux community’s penguin mascot,
‘Tux’ the L-Server line has been named after three penguin
families. The three models are the L-Royal, L-King, and L-Emperor,
beginning at $1,263.”

“The servers will be available as “ReadyNow!”, shippable same
day, or can be customized to meet the organization’s server

Press release