BW: Eicon’s ISDN Client Hardware to Support Linux

“Eicon Technology…a leading worldwide provider of remote
access products, today announced the certification of its DIVA 2.01
PCI ISDN adapter running on the Linux Operating System. Using
the HiSax hardware-level driver with the isdn4linux kernel, Eicon,
working with the stack developer Karsten Keil, has received British
Approvals Board for Telecommunications (BABT) certification. The
HiSax driver allows users of the DIVA 2.01 to provide ISDN
connectivity to their Linux-based systems.

“With the rapid growth of the Linux community, Eicon is one of
the first ISDN hardware vendors to offer compatibility with the
open-source operating system,” said Ken Gingrich, Eicon’s Vice
President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing Operations. “With the
proliferation of Linux into the business world, power users have
asked for ISDN support. Our certified hardware allows users to take
advantage of ISDN, one of the most powerful and flexible
communications technologies on the market today.”

“Eicon has put forth a lot of effort to ensure compatibility of
the DIVA 2.01 PCI adapter with the HiSax driver,” said Karsten
Keil, Senior Engineer ISDN, SuSE Labs. “Their commitment to
offering their product with Linux compatibility is to be greatly

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