BW: Evergreen Partners With Caldera Systems to Create Linux for eBuilder Technologies…

“Caldera Systems, Inc., the “Linux for Business and Linux for
eBusiness” leader and Evergreen Internet Inc. today announced and
agreement that they will partner to create and provide OpenLinux
eBusiness technologies to Caldera’s electronic Solutions Provider

“Included in the agreement is the OEMing of Evergreen
Technologies by Caldera Systems. This combined effort will
create an open Internet Standards-based eCommerce component
framework for Caldera Systems award-winning OpenLinux and OpenLinux
eServer products.

“Evergreen is the leading provider of electronic commerce
solutions based upon Open Standards and delivers the most advanced
component-based open commerce architecture. Evergreen’s products
are 100% Java, CORBA compliant, utilize XML for data encapsulation
and is Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) compliant. Evergreen leverages
third party, value-add components resulting in best-of-class
commerce solutions.”

Press Release