BW: GUI Works Announces E-Grail 2.0 To Simplify Web Content Management

“GUI Works, the leading provider of commercial Open Source Web
content management software, today announced the release of E-Grail
2.0, the first commercial Open Source software application for Web
site content management.”

E-Grail(TM) allows organizations to design, produce and
manage database-driven Web sites using standard Internet browsers.
No additional software, HTML, programming or technical knowledge is
required to maintain and manage an E-Grail site.

“The E-Grail server software is platform-independent and works
with a wide range of commercial database servers, web servers and
operating systems. Because it is server-based, it centralizes the
Web site development and management functionality so that any
authorized user can simply administer Web sites from any location
using a standard browser.”

Press Release