BW: Imagine Media Shakes the Linux Market With Maximum Linux

Maximum Linux will hit newsstands with an aggressive
one-time circulation of 100,000 copies.
Published by Imagine
Media, Maximum Linux comes from the hard-hitting editors of Maximum
PC magazine.

“With an estimated 10 million users, the growth in the Linux
market over the last few years has been astounding,” states Gene
Burns, publisher of Maximum Linux and Maximum PC. “Imagine Media
sees this growth as representing a real passion for the operating
system. We know Maximum Linux will reach the heart of that

“Linux users are really at the cutting edge of technology,” says
Bryan Del Rizzo, editor in chief of Maximum Linux. “Yet,Maximum
Linux can be read by anyone.” “Our magazine does not lose itself in
engineering lingo like Linux Journal does. Instead, we give the
reader a more diverse, compelling, and easy-to-read magazine. We
are even bundling a CD-ROM with the full version of Linux-Mandrake

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