BW: Intel Delivers an Open Source Language Research Platform…

“Intel Corporation today announced that it is placing an Open
Runtime Platform (ORP) into the open source community as a research
platform for advancing e-Business applications. E-Business
applications are typically compiled to an intermediate computer
language rather than the traditional executable used for PC
applications. This intermediate language gives these applications a
flexibility that enables different platforms to cooperate in
completing an electronic transaction. To execute these programs, a
platform must offer a runtime platform that compiles the
intermediate language.”

“The modular ORP system incorporates a fast, code-generating
just-in-time (JIT) compiler as well as an optimizing JIT compiler.
It also includes several memory management, or “Garbage Collection”
(GC) algorithms, ranging from a simple mark-sweep algorithm to an
advanced train algorithm, that identify what memory is being used
so that unused memory can be returned to the system. The virtual
machine accepts bytecode and interoperates with GNU Classpath, an
open source library. MRL academic papers on these topics can be
downloaded at the MRL library,

“This open source software release includes C source code
for all of the environment’s components and a royalty free
redistribution license. The source code was developed in both the
Windows and LINUX environments.”

Press Release

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