BW: Linux Gets Industry Standard Graphical User Interface

“Xi Graphics, Inc. Fields New Package with Accelerated-X,

“With its new maXimum(TM) cde for Linux, Xi Graphics, Inc.
(www.xig.com) is offering Linux desktop and laptop users a powerful
graphical user interface — one that’s already an industry standard
for UNIX workstations offered by IBM, HP, Digital, Sun and others.
The fully integrated package includes Motif and CDE built on the
Accelerated-X Display Server and running on the Linux operating

“”Linux benefits by having the same ‘look and feel’ as other
UNIX systems — making the transition to Linux smoother for users
and providing a larger target market for applications vendors such
as Adobe, Oracle, Lotus and Microsoft,” says Xi Graphics
spokesperson Lee Roder. “What we’re offering is a quick, simple
installation of the best graphical Linux operating system

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