BW: Linux Stock News Announces Official Web Site Launch; Where Open Source Meets the Open Market

“Linux Stock News, Inc. announces the official launch of its web
site and investment newsletter at http://www.linuxstocknews.com.
This free newsletter and web site have been set-up to provide
the investment community with information on Linux companies.

The web site includes all the content of our first two newsletters,
company profiles, and a bookstore that contains pre-screened books
relevant to investors in Linux stocks. Investors can integrate this
information into their overall research to help make informed
decisions about this sector. Linux Stock News is covering public
and private companies of all shapes and sizes that are expected to
benefit from the growth of the technology.”

“Our current stories include a year in review for 1999 and
predictions for 2000. We also discuss Linux in embedded systems and
Canadian Linux stocks. Our first issue, which is archived on the
web site, gives an overview of Linux and a discussion of Linux
companies by major category….”

Press Release