BW: Local Election Enters the Internet Age with Secure Electronic Ballots and Miniature Web Server

“Dallas Semiconductor today announced it supplied Internet
components for a low-cost, secure electronic voting system.”

“iButtons — computer chips in stainless steel cans — provide
registered, private ballots. The Tiny InterNet Interface will relay
real-time voting results over a live network. The system will be
operational April 8, when the North Carolina Federation of Young
Republicans conducts a straw poll to highlight a three-way race
among candidates seeking the Republican nomination in North
Carolina’s May 2 primaries.”

“The brainchild of the North Carolina Federation of Young
Republicans, the TINI/iButton voting system was developed as a
low-cost alternative to the time-consuming human effort and errors
associated with paper ballots and hand counting. A small group of
techno-volunteers spent less than one month and less than $55 per
booth to install the miniature network interfaces in the voting

“Further demonstrating the flexibility of the iButton/TINI
technology, the “central server” in this election is nothing
more than a laptop running Linux.
This one computer provides
all vote collection, calculation and results.”

Press release