BW: Madge Extends Token Ring Adapter Support For Linux

Madge Networks, the global networks solutions provider, is
continuing to meet customer needs by extending its Token Ring
adapter software to support the Linux operating system.
Traditionally used in Web servers and firewalls, Linux is one of
the fastest growing PC operating systems, and is gaining widespread
adoption across commercial applications such as database

‘Token Ring users can only benefit from vendors such as Madge
supporting Linux as it is becoming an increasingly popular
application platform,’ commented Harry Schaefle, product marketing
manager for SCOVERY at Siemens Computer Systems. ‘We have evaluated
and approved the Madge Linux driver for our SCOVERY thin-client PC.
The driver gives us the flexibility to support Token Ring network
users in our product line.’

Mike Phillips, organizer of the Linux Token Ring Project
commented: ‘It’s great to see support for Linux from a major player
in the Token Ring industry. Token Ring is prevalent in a lot of
universities and big businesses and the release of these drivers
increases the potential penetration for both Madge and Linux in
these areas. It is a vindication of all the Linux communities
efforts to see major hardware manufacturers placing Linux equal to
other operating systems when it comes to support for all their