BW: Metamail Wins Best of Show Award at EMA 2000…

“Metamail Inc, a leader in innovative messaging and graphics
compression technology, today announced that its Metamail
Enterprise Server has received the prestigious Best of Show Award
for Messaging at EMA 2000.”

“Unveiled for the first time at the show, the Metamail
Enterprise Server is the world’s first virtual messaging system. It
enables corporations to automatically create and send multi-page
rich media messages complete with custom stationery, corporate
logos, personalized signatures, easy-to-use attachments and
business cards. Metamail’s patent-pending image compression
technology letsusers create and deliver photo-realistic looking
documents, newsletters, bills, catalogs and more at a fraction of
the bandwidth cost of other rich media messaging systems.”

“A true business-to-business solution, the Metamail
Enterprise Server integrates with a corporation’s existing e-mail
management system and supports leading computing environments such
WindowsNT, Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, and
Linux. The Metamail Enterprise Server architecture is
highly scaleable and capable of branding millions of outbound
e-mails per day, making it ideal forboth high-volume and routine
day-to-day business communication needs.”

Press Release