BW: OnCore Systems Transcends Embedded Linux Barriers…

“OnCore Systems Corporation, developer of the OnCore Systems
Software Foundation
, the most powerful embedded OS of its
kind, today announced that its system has the capability to
load a 100% pure version of Linux into an embedded environment and
still run real-time applications in concert with Linux
Using the OnCore Linux for Real-Time solution,
real-time applications will run in predictable time limits. OnCore
is the first company to achieve this groundbreaking Linux usage

“Linux is an extremely powerful operation system, but it wasn’t
designed for real-time environments. It’s fair-share, process-based
scheduler, grants each task its fair share of time, preventing it
from rescheduling until every other task gets its fair share of
time. To date, the typical embedded Linux solution vendor has
either highly modified the internals of Linux to address real-time
requirements, thereby changing CRITICAL portions of the Linux
operating system, or chosen to ignore the real-time issues.”

“In contrast, taking an innovative approach, OnCore Systems
considered what embedded systems designers really want and need:
the ability to run real-time applications that require microsecond
response, in conjunction with Linux to run a wide variety of
readily available Linux applications. To meet this need, OnCore
created a new, highly flexible, software foundation. On this
foundation, an operating system and real-time applications using
standard APIs (applications programming interfaces, such as POSIX
and C Threads, etc.) can reside simultaneously, each executing
according to its individual requirements. Using OnCore’s Linux for
Real-Time product, Linux applications, communications stacks, and
real-time applications run in separate MMU-protected memory
partitions on the OnCore Systems Software Foundation.”

Press Release

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