BW: ParaSoft Delivers Insure++ v5.1 for Red Hat Linux

“ParaSoft, leading provider of software error prevention and
error detection solutions, announced today the latest version of
their automatic runtime error detection tool, Insure++ v5.1 for Red
Hat Linux. Insure++ provides serious developers with the most
exhaustive means to detect hard-to-find errors in C/C++.”

“The latest release of Insure++ comes in conjunction with the
recent explosion of Linux operating systems users. According to a
study released by International Data Corporation (IDC), Linux is
continuing to gain momentum across large and small business users.
In 1998, Linux experienced record growth leaping to a 17.2 percent
market share–more than double its market share over 1997.”

“Linux is rapidly becoming a viable development platform,”
ParaSoft CEO Dr. Adam Kolawa said. “We have recognized the
strength and popularity of the Linux movement for a number of
years. ParaSoft saw this trend early on and made Insure++’s
advanced error detection capabilities available to the growing
number of developers on Linux.

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