BW: Real-Time Programming for Embedded Systems and 32-Bit Real-Time OS With Emphasis on Linux:

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This spring UC Berkeley Extension will offer two short
courses in programming for the “real” world: “Real-Time Programming
for Embedded Systems” and “32-Bit Real-Time Operating Systems with
an Emphasis on Linux….

“Real-Time Programming for Embedded Systems” is a three-day
introductory course. It covers basic concepts, the multitasking
paradigm, design issues and typical problems, commercially
available multitasking kernels, design and implementation of a
typical real-time multitasking kernel and debugging issues….”

“32-Bit-Real-Time Operating Systems with an Emphasis on Linux”
is a two-day course that will cover the Open Source movement,
protected mode programming in the x86 architecture, an overview of
the Linux API, the Linux kernel, real-time extensions such as RT
Linux and POSIX, Linux in the embedded environment and debugging

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