BW: REBOL Internet Communications Language Featured with New Release of Red Hat Linux

“REBOL Technologies today announced the availability of
REBOL/Core 2.1, the platform independent Internet communications
language, with the Red Hat Linux 6.1 Application CD. REBOL
(Relative Expression-Based Object Language) gives Linux platform
developers a portable, scalable, and efficient language for
intercommunications and interoperability, necessary to quickly
build innovative E-business applications. The language supports
almost 40 hardware platforms, including Windows 95/98/NT, Sun
Solaris, Windows CE, HP-UX and Macintosh.”

An alternative to sophisticated scripting languages like
Java, C++, and PERL, REBOL provides a common data format with a
clean and simple syntax for Internet information exchange.
was designed to enable the diverse world of network devices–from
cell phones to PCs to TV set top boxes–to intercommunicate with
applications on E-commerce servers.”

Press Release