BW: Red Hat Provides Open Source Solutions to NetAid

Red Hat…announced that all the streaming activities of
NetAid, the largest streaming video event in Web history, were
powered by Red Hat Linux solutions and support.
The NetAid
event, a series of concerts conceived by Cisco Systems…and
broadcast over the Web to raise hunger awareness, broke the record
for the largest single-day Internet event.”

“Red Hat Linux 6.0 powered 400 servers that ran the NetAid site
and its mirrors during the launch. According to Cisco, these
servers supported the greatest one-day number of simultaneous Web
streams ever–close to 2.5 million. The stream connections
supported by Red Hat were 99.33 percent successful, and the Web
page downloads were 99.69 percent successful, outperforming the top
40 Internet sites. In addition to streaming audio and video, Red
Hat Linux servers enabled Web hosting, static html, DNS serving,
mail serving, ftp serving and secure server hosting for the

“Red Hat engineers also helped to manage, tune and write code
for the Red Hat servers. The Red Hat support team acted as
consultants for Cisco’s technical staff, overseeing the activities
of the servers, tuning them for optimal performance, writing
scripts and engineering solutions.”

Press Release