BW: Red Hat Wins Industry Awards for Best Linux Solutions

“Red Hat, the leader in open source Internet infrastructure
solutions, today announced Red Hat Linux 6.2 was named “Editor’s
Choice – First Place” for server distribution in the September 2000
issue of Linux Magazine and “Best Distribution” for the third
straight year at the recent LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San
Jose, Calif.”

“Once again, users and the leading, independent Linux
publication have validated Red Hat’s tremendous market and
technical lead in powerful Internet server solutions,” said Michael
Tiemann, CTO of Red Hat. “Recognition as the best server
distribution affirms Red Hat’s position as the leader and top
provider of software and services that provide the backbone for
today’s Internet economy.

“Editors from Linux Magazine based their choice for best server
distribution on Red Hat’s ability to “remain true to the open
source model.” According to the editors, Red Hat has “features that
make it a Sys Admin’s favorite, including Heartbeat high
availability software and enhanced RAID support. Red Hat is also
the driving force behind RPMs, the most popular packaging format
for Linux.”

Press Release