BW: S3 Partners with Transmeta to Bring Linux-Based Internet Appliances to Market

“S3…announced that it has partnered with Transmeta Corporation
on the design and production of forthcoming Internet devices
powered by Transmeta’s Crusoe(TM) processor. Part of a larger
family of planned Internet appliances from S3, the
Transmeta-powered devices are targeted at consumers looking for an
x86 compatible, Linux-based Internet computing solution.

“Based on the unparalleled power savings, speed and
functionality of our Crusoe processor, S3 is making significant
strides toward delivering what we believe will be one of the first
true Linux-based Internet devices,” said Jim Chapman, Vice
President of Marketing for Transmeta Corporation.”

“Through partnerships with technology leaders such as Transmeta,
as well as a series of recent acquisitions, S3 is focused on
building a sustainable leadership position in emerging high-growth
markets such as Digital Audio, Home Networking and Internet
Appliances,” said Andy Wolfe, Chief Technology Officer for S3
Incorporated. “Moving forward, we intend to pursue further
acquisitions or partnerships to ensure that we maintain this

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