BW: SCO and LinuxMall.com Host Linux Community Hub At Comdex

“SCO…and LinuxMall.com today announced that next week they
will host a central Linux forum called the Linux Community Hub at
Linux Business Expo.”

“The Linux Business Expo is co-located with Comdex in Las Vegas
on November 15-19. SCO will also donate people and resources to
expedite the Linux Image Montage Project (LIMP).”

“SCO and LinuxMall.com will host the Linux Community Hub in
support of the growing prominence of the Open Source movement.
The Hub will be located in the Las Vegas Hilton and will
provide free booth space to a number of non-profit organizations
that deliver essential resources and make contributions to the Open
Source movement.
The Hub will act as the central Linux forum
at Comdex where attendees can meet each other to exchange ideas,
discuss issues, and plan new open source projects.”

Press Release