BW: SuSE Linux 6.1 Available for Alpha AXP

“SuSE is releasing a version of its 6.1 Linux distribution for
Alpha processors today. Alpha systems users can now enjoy the
user-friendly features and extensive tools of SuSE Linux 6.1
running on computers with high-performance 64-bit Alpha

“SuSE users profit from a multi-platform operating system with a
shared “look and feel” because the Alpha version works with the
same SuSE administration tools as SuSE Linux for x86. For both

“In addition to the Linux operating system software (Kernel
2.2.9; glibc 2.1; XFree86(TM); KDE 1.1.1; GNOME 1.0), SuSE
includes important Linux tools and multiple applications…”

“In the future, SuSE Linux versions will be released
simultaneously for Alpha and x86.”

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