BW: SuSE to offer award-winning SuSE Linux on PowerPC; Beta version announced at MacWorld

“uSE, one of the leading Linux specialists worldwide, is
announcing the availability of a beta-quality version of SuSE Linux
6.3 for the Macintosh PowerPC at MacWorld in San Francisco. The
sales release of SuSE Linux for Power PC is planned for this
spring. Offering SuSE Linux on PowerPC supports SuSE’s strategy of
cross-platform availability.”

Based on the current version of SuSE Linux, the version for
PowerPC “is built from the same sources as all other versions of
SuSE Linux, includes all of the Open Source software found in the
Intel version, and is identical to use and administer to other SuSE
Linux versions
,” says Dirk H. Hondel, CTO of SuSE AG….”

“Like the currently available SuSE Linux 6.3 for
Intel-compatible and Compaq Alpha platforms, the version for Power
PC also works with the SuSE-specific administration tool YaST (Yet
another Setup Tool) and SaX (SuSE advanced X Configuration). YaST
provides integrated user and group administration and simplifies
system administration. SaX sets up the graphical interface.”

Press Release