BW: Synopsys’ VCS Verilog Simulator Enables AMD to Achieve Major Milestone in Simulation Speed

“Synopsys, Inc. today announced that its Verilog Compiled
Simulation (VCS) tool has enabled AMD to achieve a major milestone
in regression throughput. AMD significantly shortened its
verification time by achieving more than four billion simulation
cycles per day. This performance was attained by running
Synopsys’ VCS Verilog simulator on a Linux-based server farm using
the new AMD Athlon processors.

“In addition, Synopsys and AMD have signed a multi-year,
multi-million dollar volume purchase agreement to provide the VCS
simulator to all of AMD’s design communities. Based on the latest
EDA Consortium reports, Synopsys believes that VCS is the No.1
Verilog simulator in terms of overall market share over the last
four quarters.”

“Two key factors to AMD’s decision were maximizing performance
and minimizing risk, both essential for design verification.
Combining VCS, the industry’s fastest Verilog simulator, with the
high-performance AMD Athlon microprocessor on a Linux server farm
achieved the performance goals without the risk and expense of
proprietary simulation acceleration hardware.”

Press Release