BW: V-ONE’s Announces Linux-Based Instant Extranet Server

V-ONE(R) Corporation…a market leader in client/server
Virtual Private Networks (VPN), today announced general release of
its new Instant Extranet Server…which enables virtually any size
organization to immediately benefit from secure business
communication over the Internet.

“IXS automatically installs Linux v6.0 from Red Hat(R) (Nasdaq:
RHAT) seamlessly integrated with VPN security from V-ONE, providing
software for public and private Web servers, a secure e-mail server
and public and private FTP servers in one simple package. IXS
features matchless ease of installation and use along with
attractive pricing for a solution that should be especially
attractive to organizations without the technical resources
required to implement many conventional VPN solutions.”

“With IXS, companies of any size can use the Internet securely
for essential business functions such as sharing information with
partners and remote employees using private Web sites; publishing
and maintaining public Web server content; exchanging large data
files over private secure FTP sites; and permitting access via
encrypted e-mail to employees on the company’s LAN via encrypted
e-mail without exposing the network to security risks.”

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