BW: VirtualSellers.com TAME Software to be Included On Red Hat Linux Application Library CD

“VirtualSellers.com Inc. (OTCBB:VDOT), a developer of enterprise
application development solutions, Monday announced that its TAME
software has been selected for inclusion on the Red Hat Linux
Application Library CD (LAL), which will be included with the next
version of Red Hat(R) Linux.”

“A full-version of VirtualSellers.com’s TAME (Tag Activated
Markup Enhancer), a proprietary programming software language used
by Web developers to build Web sites and enterprise infrastructure,
will be included on the LAL CD-ROM. The program will be usable for
a 30-day trial period after which a software license can be
purchased by contacting VirtualSellers.com or visiting the
company’s Web site.”

“TAME version 4.0 uses an interpretive language that is
Unix and Windows NT compatible, thereby simplifying the entire
approach to Web development and Web infrastructure development over
existing Microsoft solutions, and at the same time maintaining its
compatibility through links to Java(R) and JavaScript(R).”

“It enables applications to communicate with each other in a
unique way within the Web’s infrastructure, and moreover, provides
a solution to a whole new level of interoperability.
includes a dynamic Web page engine and provides Web access to
databases giving developers the ability to create solutions that
can be deployed on all operating systems and server

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