Byte.com: The Code Bazaar Viziers

“Source Gets Forged And eXchangedOpen source projects are, by
nature and ascendancy, collaborative. Also by nature, they can be a
combination of brilliance, dogged hard work, and not without
serious contention. While the Internet as a repository is certainly
sufficient for the work needed, it lacks many of the collaborative
tools and features of commercial code skunk works.”

“Larry Augustin was one of the inventors of the term, open
source, and along with others (see the www.opensource.org page for
further details), as a component of Linux International. Now that
VA Linux has gone public, one of the first chores VA Linux as a
bulked-up entity performed was to sponsor the SourceForge. It’s an
interesting place: www.sourceforge.net-for those of you that
haven’t had a chance to peek.”

“The SourceForge has an interesting contrast: SourceExchange.
It’s a bazaar, in the context of Eric Raymond’s Cathedral and
Bazaar….I first saw the SourceExchange people at LinuxWorld
in New York in February. When I asked them to contrast themselves
with SourceForge, they wanted to immediately make sure I knew the
Here they are in a nutshell: SourceExchange is
designed to be more of a source incubator with commercial and
hatchery resources. They consider themselves focused, and more of a
commercially viable and resourceful tool for both open source
projects and their sponsors. The differences in the sites are
heartening. There’s a lot there….”