Calamares 2.4.2 Universal Linux Installer Supports Disabling of LUKS UI Elements

Calamares 2.4.2 is now the latest version of the installer, and, according to release notes, it implements support for disabling LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) related UI (User Interface) elements, adds support for Debian-style /etc/default/keyboard configuration as an option, improves the checking of system requirements configuration, and removes the dependency of chfn in the users module. Among other changes implemented in the Calamares 2.4.2 release, we can mention that locale filtering for UTF-8 should now work correctly on Fedora Linux and other GNU/Linux distributions that are based on it or use the RPM package management system, and the handling of case-insensitive paths when attempting to install VFAT filesystems and the GRUB bootloader was improved.