Caldera Systems ships OpenLinux 2.2

Providing first Linux graphical environment from installation to
administration for Linux and Windows users

Next Generation Point and Click “Linux for Business” Solution
First to Include: New 2.2 Kernel, KDE 1.1, LIZARD Install, glibc
2.1 Libraries, DHCP Client, PowerQuest Partitioning (Caldera
Edition) with BootMagic 4.0 and OpenLinux 2.2 PocketDoc(R)
Reference Guide

Orem, UT — April 19, 1999 — Caldera Systems, Inc. today
shipped OpenLinux 2.2., the recognized technology leader in “Linux
for Business” solutions. OpenLinux 2.2 is a 32-bit, proven, tested,
stable and supported Linux-based business solution that includes
the full Linux source code-with matching binaries-plus integrated
programs and tools featuring an increased auto probing for
supported hardware, expanded hardware peripheral support and 270
“Best of Class” developer, server and workstation packages.
OpenLinux 2.2 includes remote management capabilities and
integrates into existing systems, running on Intel-based PCs 386
and up – including laptops – with at least 16 MB of RAM. Included
in OpenLinux 2.2 is the StarOffice 5.0 office suite with word
processor and spreadsheet providing compatibility with comparable
Microsoft(R) Office applications.

The award-winning KDE 1.1, COAS (Caldera Open Administration
System) and graphical install Lizard (LInux WiZARD) provide easy
point-and-click installation making OpenLinux 2.2 the easiest Linux
to install (less than 15 minutes) use, and administer. OpenLinux
2.2 allows users and businesses more familiar with Windows and
networking environments to evaluate Linux in a non-threatening,
non-destructive way. Using PowerQuest partitioning (Caldera
Edition), OpenLinux 2.2 can be installed and removed without a
trace. Inclusion of the DHCP client enables plug and play
interaction with corporate LANs without requiring UNIX knowledge or
experience. Using COAS (integrated into KDE 1.1), system
administrators and users can administer the box through a point and
click interface without going to the command line-unless they want

“OpenLinux 2.2 has taken Linux for Business to the next level,”
said Ransom Love, President and CEO of Caldera Systems, Inc. “By
listening to our business customers and end users we’ve made using
Linux much easier-in both the install and documentation. OpenLinux
2.2 provides a point-and-click graphical installation that greatly
reduces Linux time investment and frustration. With KDE 1.1 and the
install LIZARD-OpenLinux 2.2 leapfrogs anything out there and will
propel Linux further into the enterprise.”

Darrell R. Bingham of Enhanced Software Technologies agrees.

“It’s also the type of simple installation needed to encourage
others to make the switch,” said Darrell R. Bingham, Manager of
technical support for Enhanced Software Technologies.

“It has a menu-driven installation capable of detecting most
system components. Even our sales and office management staff
installed it; no yelling, no looks of despair, and no flying
computer parts-just straightforward installation. OpenLinux 2.2 may
prove to be the tool needed to put Linux in the hands of the

glibc Compatibility

OpenLinux is the first “Linux for Business” solution to offer
the 2.1 glibc libraries in a “self-hosted” (matching source and
binaries) environment. Self-hosting allows corporate developers to
optimize binaries for secure, high-performance turn-key solutions.
With the inclusion of the new 2.1 glibc libraries, OpenLinux 2.2
offers 100% forward and backward compatibility with glibc 5
applications. This compatibility enables VARs, systems integrators,
corporate customers and users to run and upgrade those libraries
when convenient for them.


The Caldera Open Administration System builds upon the current
Linux administration system by providing full graphical
administration of the existing Linux administration architecture.
Users and system administrators can utilize both the old way of
using Linux/UNIX and the new graphical environment of COAS with out
requiring redundant entry. Unlike other Linux graphical
administration environments-COAS keeps track of both sides.


The OpenLinux PocketDoc(R) reference guide provides mobile
fingertip information without the bulk of a manual. Fitting neatly
into a shirt pocket it provides Linux quick tips ranging from
OpenLinux 2.2 installation to Linux Web sites, support materials
and user groups worldwide.

OpenLinux 2.2 Features

New Linux 2.2x kernel
KDE 1.1 Desktop (GUI) interface
Glibc 2.1 Library with backward support for libc 5 library-based
PowerQuest Partitioning (Caldera Edition) and Boot Magic 4.0
Corel WordPerfect 8
Samba support
Caldera Open Administration System (COAS)
NetWare Client including PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module)
BRU backup and restore Utility
StarOffice 5.0 (word processor, spreadsheet, E-mail and
presentation software)
Netscape Communicator
DR-DOS 7.02
XFree86 3.3.3
Linux Source Code
Getting Started Guide


OpenLinux 2.2 will be sold to Caldera Systems, Inc. channel
partners at standard discounts. Caldera Systems was the first Linux
company to create a Linux VAR channel-now the industry
standard-with over 700 resellers worldwide.


Caldera Systems provides full 90-day or five incident free
installation support with 24×7 E-mail support to VARs and end-users
through the Caldera Systems knowledge base at www.caldera.support.com. Full
24×7, fee-based support -with one-hour response guaranteed-is also

Support includes Linux systems administration training and
certification courses through Caldera Systems Education Services
and Caldera Authorized Training Centers worldwide


Caldera Systems, Inc. is working to ensure Y2K compliance for
its OpenLinux technologies and products. For more information
please visit our Web site at www.calderasystems.com.

System Requirements

OpenLinux 2.2 – 16 MB RAM, 350 MB Hard Disk, StarOffice and
additional packages require 100+ MB of additional disk space, 386,
486 or Pentium/compatible.

Caldera Systems, Inc. is the leader in providing Linux(R)-based
business solutions through the OpenLinux line of products and
services. OpenLinux solutions are full-featured, 32-bit, “Linux for
Business” solutions that are proven, tested, stable and supported.
OpenLinux technologies and business solutions integrate with
existing systems such as Novell NetWare, LanManager(TM), Sun(R)
Microsystems, UNIX(R), IBM(R), Intel, DOS(R) and Microsoft(R)
Windows(R) NT. Caldera Systems provides 24 X 7 support to VARs and
end-users including Linux systems administration training and
certification courses through Caldera Systems Education Services
and Caldera Authorized Training Centers worldwide. Caldera Systems
is the first Linux company to create the Linux VAR channel-now the
industry standard with over 500 resellers worldwide.

OpenLinux products utilize technologies created on the Internet
by developers around the world, including the popular Linux kernel
developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Linux technologies are now
used by 10 million+ end users and organizations worldwide.


Caldera Systems, Inc. can be reached at 888-GO-Linux
(888-465-4689) or via E-mail at linux@calderasystems.com. Please
bookmark http://www.calderasystems.com
to access the Caldera Systems, Inc. Web site.

Caldera Systems, Inc. is a Canopy Group holding under the Ray
Noorda/Canopy Group Investment Company. Ray Noorda is the former
CEO of Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ:NOVL)

Caldera is a registered trademark Caldera, Inc. OpenLinux is a
trademark of Caldera Systems, Inc. All other products, services,
companies, events and publications are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective owners in the U.S. and/or other

LINUX is a registered trademark of Linux Torvalds.

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