Can Linux manage updates and upgrades more easily than Windows?

“Windows applications these days, whether downloaded or
installed from optical disc, tend to include installation wizards;
at the very least, there’s likely to be a setup.exe program in
there. Click and go (or just “go” if it’s an autorun).

“Linux packages come in a few different wrappings, depending on
your preferred flavor. The installation process for *nix packages
used to be rather tedious. Many experienced users are familiar with
.tar balls, which are similar to .zip files under Windows. The
.tar, .gz, and .tgz extensions all indicated that you had before
you an archive, which had to be unpacked and the readme or install
file sought in the collection within.

“Fortunately, we’re past all that now, thanks to package
management — a development that brought Linux installation
management on an ease-of-use par with other operating systems by
making the install process part of the operating system, not part
of the individual package.”

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