Can We Afford Not to Use Linux?

Can a Small Business Afford Not to Run Linux?

“As I was doing some research for another article, I ran across
a forum in which small business users were discussing why they
wanted a particular software product (Quickbooks) ported to Linux.
One poster’s comments caught my attention. What he said convinced
me that all small businesses should be running Linux on their

“‘As a small business owner I can afford the cost of Microsoft,
I just can’t afford the time anymore. I’ve had the host running QB
go down, get new hardware installed, only to not be able to
‘activate’ Windows. Can’t run a business that way! I don’t mind
paying for Windows, I just can’t have it prevent me from doing my
business. I’m switching everything to SuSE Linux. I’m pushing all
my clients that way too…!'”


Can We Afford Not to Give Our Kids Linux?

“For any parent, myself included, setting your kids loose on the
net is a daunting prospect. We have to do it because the net is a
fact of life–it’s in our schools, the workplace, public libraries
and in many if not most homes of the developed world. Therefore, do
we really have any option but to give them Linux?

“When I first conceived this article I considered giving it the
title ‘can we afford to let our kids use Windows online…'”


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