Canada Computes: Learning The Bash Shell [Book Review]

“There are innumerable other customization options detailed.
Some of them won’t be useful to everybody, but it still helps to
learn how to do things you don’t need now as you never know when
you will need them.”

“The high point of the book is shell scripting. You can do
practically anything you want with shell scripting except cure
disease and end hunger. Seriously, shell scripting is an immensely
powerful tool. You owe it to yourself to learn it, if you haven’t
already. The chapter on shell scripting gives you the basics, for
want of a better word and the following chapters cover more
advanced topics such as flow control.”

“As a reference for writing your own shell scripts, this book is
ideal. It taught me enough that, combined with the man pages, I was
able to produce a fairly good, if somewhat pointless, shell

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