Canada Computes: Open source made easy [Book Review]

“There’s a lot of confusion about the Linux operating system.
People hear that it is “open source” and think that implies that it
is ever so simple to use. Well, for a programmer (who is unlikely
to buy this book), Linux is easy to use. For people who have grown
accustomed to pre-installed operating systems that open themselves
and do pretty much everything else on their, Linux is not so

Red Hat Linux for Dummies tries to make the system easy for
everyone, whether or not you’ve ever seen code before and even if,
like me, you used to see code all the time, but have forgotten most
of it after using object-oriented environments.
In fact,
reading this book and the ensuing nights of “playtime with
programming” were all a throwback for me to those salad days in the
early-1980s when using a computer meant coding.”

“The book is well structured and has a somewhat flippant
attitude. After the introductory bits – what is Linux and where did
it come from? – there are five chapters on installation alone.
Considering the relative complexity of Linux installation and the
fact that most people have never installed their own operating
system, such extensive detail is certainly warranted.”


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