Canada Computes: Utilities the heart and soul of Linux

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“From a certain point of view, Linux can be seen primarily
as a set of utilities bonded together by a common kernel. These
utilities form the “toolkit” model that has endeared Unix to
programmers, system administrators, and advanced users for more
than three decades.”

“Linux utilities come in two basic flavours: open source and
commercial. Some commercial products, such as RealPlayer, are
available for free, while others, such as the BRU tape backup
software, are available for a fee. The majority of Linux utilities
are free, open-source packages.”

“Traditional Unix utilities evolved in the command-line
environment. Because of that, they can be joined together to form
powerful shell scripts and cron jobs. Some of the newer, graphical
utilities are designed to be clicked and pointed at in the X Window
System. In this article we’ll take a brief look at some of the more
popular Linux utilities.”

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