Catch a Rising Star with Red Hat(r) LINUX(r) Secrets(r), 2nd Edition Learn the Latest on Red Hat’s Red Hot LINUX Distribution

Foster City, CA - March 1, 1999 - The LINUX operating system is making big
headlines, especially with the recent news that IBM will be offering LINUX
on products ranging from network servers to portables and personal
computers. IBM announced that it is allying with Red Hat Software, Inc., a
LINUX distribution and support company, joining a growing number of
computer manufacturers employing the robust and stable LINUX operating
system. Red Hat's LINUX distribution excels in the most difficult step:
installing LINUX. Now, with Red Hat LINUX Secrets, 2nd Edition, IDG Books
Worldwide provides users with the definitive manual for quickly mastering
Red Hat's specific distribution of LINUX applications and installation

Authored by programming and operating systems expert Naba Barkakati, Red
Hat LINUX Secrets, 2nd Edition contains 900 pages of tips, techniques and
shortcuts that will help readers take complete advantage of the raw
performance and core functionality that are the hallmarks of this
full-featured operating system. From installing the kernel to setting up
LINUX as a Web server, to step-by-step explanations on how to customize
LINUX for use with various types of computer and peripherals, Barkakati
gives rich detail and real-world solutions. Using this information, readers

* learn about dial-up networking under LINUX learn how to use LINUX as an
* Internet host (www server and anonymous FTP server) understand how LINUX
* and DOS can co-exist learn UNIX on LINUX learn C and C++ programming on
* LINUX discover an abundance of LINUX resources

The included Red Hat LINUX CD-ROM contains the LINUX kernel 2.0.34 and much
more, including:

* complete LINUX installation and configuration tools a graphical user
* interface full TCP/IP networking tools for ISP access a complete suite of
* Internet applications (e-mail, news and Telnet) Apache Web server 1.2.6

as well as text editors, graphics software, a variety of programming
languages, a complete suite of standard UNIX utilities, text formatting and
typesetting software and games.

Specially tailored for intermediate to advanced users, Red Hat LINUX
Secrets, 2nd Edition places in readers' hands everything they need to tap
the full potential of LINUX.

About the Author:

Naba Barkakati has written 22 computer books on topics ranging from Windows
programming with Visual C++ to LINUX, including Visual C++(r) Developer's
Guide, and Borland(r) C++ 4 Developer's Guide.

About the Book:

Red Hat(r) LINUX(r) Secrets(r), 2nd Edition By Naba Barkakati 0-7645-3175-1
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