CBS MarketWatch: Microsoft puts…charge behind it, But larger U.S…settlement may not be…likely

“Although Microsoft has settled a software maker’s long-running
complaint over allegedly anticompetitive behavior, analysts caution
against speculation the industry giant will soon settle its broader
battle with the Justice Department.”

“Come on, they’re two separate things,” said Bill Epifanio, an
analyst with J.P. Morgan in New York. “If I settle my parking
ticket it doesn’t mean I’ll plead guilty to manslaughter on
something else. Microsoft is a company that’s so big that
they’re constantly involved in some kind of a claim. To transfer
the results of one settlement to the other is

“To be sure, accusations of Microsoft bullying tactics were at
the heart of Caldera’s complaint, and those tactics also were
central to a federal judge’s findings that Bill Gates’ company has
been a monopolistic predator in marketing its Internet browser with
its Windows operating system.”

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