CBSMarketWatch: Microsoft decision means innovation

“With his monopoly ruling, U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield
Jackson effectively put Microsoft, the software giant, on alert. He
also opened the gates for up-and-coming Internet companies to forge
ahead with innovations, a technology venture capitalist told CBS

[ Q&A with George Zachary, general partner with technology
venture capital firm Mohr, Davidow Ventures ]

“CBSMW: Are you at all surprised by the judge’s ruling?

Zachary: I am pleasantly surprised. I did not think that
Microsoft would actually be found to have monopoly power by the
government just because they’ve done such a great job presenting
and putting together their case.

At the same time there are a lot of other interesting companies
such as America Online (AOL: news, msgs) and Amazon (AMZN: news,
msgs) that have weakened Microsoft’s power. And I’ve been
telling people the last six months: Microsoft has been at its

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