Change your Grub and Grub2 splash screen in Ubuntu

“Your first question might be “Why bother changing your grub
splash screen?” The answer? Why not! Well, actually there are
plenty of reasons you might want to change your Grub splash screen.
You could be in a company that wants its brand from top to bottom,
or you just want your computer to be cool from boot to desktop.

“Whatever reason you have for wanting to add a nifty splash
screen to Grub, you can. There is no “handy” GUI application for
this, so you are going to have to issue a few commands. NOTE: This
is something you should undertake ONLY if you know what you are
doing. One mistake with Grub and your machine could be rendered
unbootable. You’ve been warned. NOTE: I will show how to do this in
both Grub and Grub2

“What is the splash screen?

“The Grub splash screen is the image you see behind the text as
the OS boots. There are certain specifications the splash screen
must follow. These specs are:”

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